With home buyers concerned about safety and costs, swimming pools have lost appeal in recent years.  The house pictured shows the worst offender – the pool that takes up the whole backyard.   

There’s an opportunity for flippers here – buying houses with old pools, do the demo and landscape, and then re-sell them.  There could be a $40,000 to $50,000 benefit turning a big negative into a big positive.

from the U-T: 

“It wasn’t getting any use and had become the proverbial money pit to keep up,” said Allen, who estimated he was spending $200 a month for water, electricity and maintenance.

So Allen turned to Bill Stults, owner of James Construction Cleanup Inc., to transform his swimming hole into a backyard landscaped with artificial turf, decorative rocks, cactus and a small bubbling fountain.

For Stults, business is booming. He said he is filling about two pools a week, a number consistent with work being done by other contractors in the county.

“I’m getting calls all of the time, sometimes three or four a day,” Stults said.

He and the other contractors say clients offer a variety of reasons for replacing their pools, work that costs between $5,000 and $12,000.

Some cite the water crisis. Others say they can’t afford the increasing maintenance costs, especially for older pools. Others say they have simply tired of the pool and want a yard.

Although building departments do not keep statistics on the number of pool removals, many building officials countywide say they are seeing a slow and steady increase in the number being removed and expect the trend to continue. Demolition companies report as much as a 30 percent increase in pool removals since the first of the year.



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