It was mentioned that bubbleinfo never makes it to Escondido – why?  It’s the wild, wild west!  But if it’s good enough for the Governator (who was there Friday) then let’s give Esco a moment. 

We can call Escondido’s real estate market…um….”diverse”. 

In 2009 there have been four houses sell under $100,000, and three at $1,200,000 or higher – and the ocean is 15 miles away!

Here’s an example of Escondido’s market today:

1008 Montview

3 br/2 ba, 1,680sf

YB: 1975,  no monthly fees


SP: $585,000 11/05

LP: $285,000 6/09 short sale


Even though this looks close to the I-15 freeway on the map, it’s actually a quiet and peaceful rural location.  Nice enough that my buyer offered $325,000 with a hefty down payment, figuring that there could be competition.

Interest was high alright – 18 offers, with one in the $390,000s!

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