Everywhere you go, it’s the same mantra with sellers.

From this week’s Barron’s:


“I’m paying all of this insurance and property tax, and I rarely use the property,” says Bill Hutchinson, a Dallas-based commercial-real-estate investor who is selling a 1920s Mediterranean-style villa that overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Carmel Highlands, Calif. Anderson bought it as a vacation home in 2005 for $6.2 million “on a whim,” he says. The home was listed a year ago at $7.45 million and has since been reduced to $6.45 million. “I’ll walk away before I take a loss on the property. But if I find a buyer, it will probably be a wash after closing costs,” he says.


While looking for more info on this guy’s house, I came across this website of high-end celebrity homes, which noted that Jamie Dimon just listed his house in Chicago:


“How does JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon live? His $10.5 million home on Chicago’s Gold Coast offers a hint. The eight-bedroom home was built in 1870 and measures approximately 15,000 square feet over four stories. It includes a 900-square-foot rooftop terrace.”

“The home was purchased by Dimon and his wife in 2000 for $4.68 million so he could still make some money on the deal.”


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