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La Costa Flip

Remember my listing in La Costa that closed in December? These are my ‘before’ photos above. The new owners have already turned it around and have it back on the market on the range $899,000 – $950,000.  I don’t think they will have any trouble:

The ‘after’ video:


  1. I don’t remember the listing price last December, Jim. What did your listing sell for then? (It looks like the buyers (and subs) have been very busy.)

  2. The list price was $699,000, and we blew through four escrow before one stuck:

    1. $690,000
    2. $685,000
    3. $675,000
    4. $667,000
    5. $650,000 SOLD

    This was back in October when we were coming off a few months of uncertainty, plus the flippers had had a good run and were satisfied/getting conservative.

    I provided comps that showed the retail value to be $900,000-$950,000 (which is what they listed it for), but it’s all a big game and the buyer reps take great joy in seeing how much they can work you down.

    I had one guy at $655,000 who backed off to $645,000 at the last minute. If it was worth $645,000, it was worth $655,000. But their current workload and other opportunities play a part.

    I had another half-dozen offers at $600,000 to $625,000.

  3. How much do you think they are all in at? $650,000 + what? Just curious about how much it cost to finish it.

  4. Tom thought it could be close to $200,000 but he didn’t see it in person – just looking at the photos and video, plus he goes all out.

    These guys didn’t change anything and just put it back together, so it could have been as little as $100K, or maybe $150K?

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