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Jim Klinge, broker-associate
617 Saxony Place, Suite 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
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Jim Klinge
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701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92011


  1. Encinitas is the new Manhattan Beach.

    Buy now or be priced out forever!

  2. Wow. I remember when I was a mangy teen, we used to drive to Encinitas to get drunk and teach manners to obnoxious jarheads. “Jarhead” is a derisive term for Marines. Same with Oceanside. Boy, have things changed. Back then, I wasn’t wise enough to manage the insight, “this is the last cheap area anyone who isn’t drunk can buy a home,” as well as “this is the last jarhead I’ll ever punch in the face.”
    You just don’t think about those things when you’re young.

  3. As the US Marines are second rate only compared to the Royal Marines I can only surmise the ones you punched were so drunk as to be paralytic. ( I am assuming that the second best marine corps follow the example of the worlds best and do not let the newbies out till after initial training here)

  4. Andrewa, rated by who? The Canadians?

  5. @ Day trip
    Number of times Canada invaded by United States = 5
    Picture of dead president on Canadian money = Queen Elizabeth II


  6. @ Daytrip
    And I still think you are lucky to be alive.
    US Marine = fighting lunatic.
    Royal Marine = Highly Intelligent fighting lunatic.
    I have played games with both varieties 🙂

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