An Insider's Guide to North San Diego County's Coastal Real Estate
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  1. Would these be fair interpretations of the infographic?

    75% of sellers did not pay to have their homes staged before listing

    50% of sellers who did stage did not see any increase in dollar value offers from buyers

    60% of buyers were indifferent about visiting a staged home they saw online; they are going to visit it, or pass on it, whether it is staged or not.

    62% of buyers did not see any positive impact on home value if the home is decorated to a buyer’s taste

    56% of buyers did not offer any more for a home that was staged

  2. Yes.

    You can have lousy staging.

    You can have great staging and a bad house/location.

    You can have great staging and the wrong price or mediocre agent.

    Results will vary!

    Let’s also note that the poll actually surveyed agents, and their opinions of the results.

  3. Staging is just an expensive term for excessive depersonalization. Take down family photos. Remove anything medical. Don’t distract. Then proceed to tricks. A smaller bed if the room is small. The real importance is fresh eyes to see things the way a buyer would.

  4. ….see things the way a buyer would.

    And why pro photos are probably more important than staging, and doing both is smart. Buyers are going to take one quick look online – that’s it.

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