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  1. Couple of observations, somewhat related to Veterans Day…

    1. Remember those old WWII vids of our soldiers at Iwo Jima clearing out enemy nests with flame throwers? It occurs to me, putting myself in the other guy’s sandals, that I wouldn’t be as eager to make my way to allah, paradise and my 72 virgins, if I knew my entry might involve flame thrower technology.

    2. Remember back in the day when you woke up in the morning, and couldn’t wait to look at the internets to see what the heck Trump was up to now? He just doesn’t seem to be carrying as much weight in the news cycle these days. Hollywood really knows how to put on a show. And related to that…

    3. Remember back when you watched “Jaws,” and you saw Quint sitting at a table opposite Hooper, telling Hooper about the sinking of the Indianapolis, and your mind didn’t wander over to the question of whether or not Hooper was wearing pants?

    Happy Vets Day!



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