An Insider's Guide to North San Diego County's Coastal Real Estate
Jim Klinge, broker-associate
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    Excellent video, I really enjoyed the explanation on camera by that agent, she was having a hard time to justify the price . Good questions make interesting answers.

    As a prior resident of that community, A very clean property, but as far as clean up goes in that area, not fast as you think, the mentality of some the original owners is keep it forever so you cannot count on the street, let along your next door neighbor fixing the place up. Over 3 Mil with no view, well its a great house and you can always lower the price…but as you go up over 3 mil..there are some amazing properties out here that would put that house to shame.

    The area of Encinitas is gonna go up, no question, great schools and great beaches make it a winner. Especially any home under 1 million, best buy out there now for the long term, if you want to LIVE in the property, even with a price adjustment you still win, you live in an amazing area and have locked in cheap money in which everybody 5 years from now are gonna I should of borrowed more.

    I would of priced the house at 2.99..something about cracking the 3 mil price barrier, but it was probably the seller who wanted to push it. If you study her face as she is taking, she is having a hard time believing over 3 mil. my 2 cents, a solid buy at 2.5

  2. Agreed with previous poster. I lived in that area a couple years back. Really not upscale yet. That 7 eleven has a very shady clientele, so much so I wouldn’t ever go there. Even during the day. The area is very eclectic still and not nearly as safe as Del Mar, Solana, etc.

    Even the parks in the area aren’t nearly as upscale as you’d expect for the price point.

    If they get anywhere near $3 I’d be surprised and probably give up looking at RE for awhile.

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