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Real Estate Made for TV

People want to see cut-throat realtors! Video here:

“Real Estate Wars,” a Bravo-TV reality show pitting Orange County agents against one another as they try to woo wealthy clients and settle bitter scores against a backdrop of luxury homes, will debut on Thursday, July 6 at 10 p.m.

The show “brings the cut-throat world of real estate in Orange County to life,” Bravo said in its announcement on Thursday, May 18. “With 10 agents, eccentric clients, multi-million dollar deals, old vendettas, and one common goal of winning, all is fair in real estate and war.”

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  1. Jeez, I used to work for people like this, or just got myself stuck in their general vicinity when I was a kid. I know it’s all scripted, but the vibe is there. Nuevo riche Beverly Hillbillies, except at least Jed retained his humility, and granny didn’t give a fig about Mrs. Drysdale’s new Lincoln. One of the reasons “The Great Gatsby” was great was there weren’t that many Gatsby’s back then. Now we have craploads of ’em, and they make Gatsby’s crew look good. At least they read books, and played tennis. These people give money a bad name!



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