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Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in Contests | 3 comments | Print Print

New Zillow Ad

The ads by have been singular in focus – bashing Zillow for not having all the listings.

In the meantime, Z is running away with the emotional content:


  1. Zillow better get on the ball. Live by the information age, die by the information age. New listings populate and update on redfin, realtor, etc… within hours. Zillow not so much anymore. Things go pending and Zillow doesn’t have a function for that for some reason; they show as active for months, sometimes even after they close. Its always been that way, but its getting worse, not better. I see agents now posting on Zillow first trying to double-end the deal, and then going to the MLS a couple days later. If they have to rely on the diligence and professionalism of the average agent to populate the site, good luck with that. Not sure how this shakes out, maybe, Webvan?

  2. It depends on location. In San Diego, the Zillow Group doesn’t have direct feeds from the MLS (we want to negotiate something better).

  3. Re: Zillow w/ emotional comments. Their commercials get me every time! Much like those sob fests for the Humane Society where the little orange kitten reaches through the cage w/ her paw at the end of the commercials.

    And who REALLY buys the house anyway? Do guys really get all that emotional about a house? Isn’t it like JtR told me long ago: “It’s all sticks and stucco to us.”

    I think women generally are the ones who feel a pull of a certain home and can see raising their families there. Guys are just happy with the 1,053sf RV garage with epoxy floor like I have 🙂

    Just my 2 cents! Of course, your opinion will differ…

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