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Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Bubbleinfo TV, Jim's Take on the Market | 4 comments | Print Print

Graduation Season

la joola cove

There has been some eeriness in the marketplace over the last couple of weeks, which makes it seem like it’s connected to the graduation season – and it’s been like this over the last couple of years. Do people just need some time to appreciate the accomplishment, or is the market stalling?

In 2012, the frenzy ignored the last presidential election and blew right through the holidays for a solid 18-month run, and higher rates and prices this year haven’t slowed the momentum much.

But we are overdue for some pullback – is it time? Here are my thoughts:


  1. Funny I was just at UCI’s ceremony last weekend.


  2. I had a thought – prehaps the market is swayed because of the grandparents?

    The parents spend extra time preparing for the big day, and make accomodations for allof the out-of-towners – which is very time consuming!

    As a result, they suspend their house-hunting for a week or two – and then tell the grandparents of their travails. The grandparents offer support – financial or otherwise, and parents get back on the trail this week with a renewed sense of purpose!


  3. I was a few minutes late to my son’s pre-school graduation recently and I got the look of death from mommy.

    yes, these kids are ridiculously spoiled. Participation trophies are next.


  4. Pre-school graduation ceremony? Seriously?

    This country is doomed.



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