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  1. Maybe the >$1000/mo in HOA+MR has something to do with it not selling?

  2. Buyers are used to that vig in the Crosby and Santaluz, and others have been selling.

    This house was listed as a short sale with a lower price ($1.299 to $1.4 million) but in general buyers have been willing to overlook flippers fleecing them for bigger bumps than that, so for a bank to try it doesn’t seem unusual. Plus that was way back in December, which seems like a long time ago.

  3. Hey, if they shot you in there it probably would have knocked 200K off the price, call me if that happens.

    Seriously though 1000/mo HOA is a little steep, does not look like a place a public pool would get a lot of use.

    Hope they get something nice for that besides and annoying guard etc. which brings up, why the alarm?

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