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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Forecasts, Same-House Sales | 1 comment | Print Print

Shiller’s Ivory-Tower View: Risky

Here’s Shiller being his normal conservative self, saying that we will see a lot more underwater homeowners defaulting, and those foreclosures leading to additional inventory of unsold homes. But did say that his futures index is expecting a 3% annual price increase nationally for each of the next four years:

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  1. For what is likely a different view, Bruce Norris will be speaking at SDCIA in a few weeks:

    For those not familier with what Bruce Norris means by “Quadrant 4 has arrived”, he has a view that California’s real estate market goes through cycles, and quandrant 4 is that point in his modeling where the market is moving from a flat market to a boom market.

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