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Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Builders, Carmel Valley | 5 comments | Print Print


A reader mentioned the new Pardee tract in Pacific Highlands Ranch near the existing Brightwater and Hampton Lane tracts, which have been selling briskly (at least in the smaller-sized phases they are dripping out).  Here is a brief video tour of PHR:


  1. Good time to remind your readers that if they buy a brand new home, it’s important they have an agent, and Pardee usually pays agent fees, but you need to document that you have an agent (or bring the agent with you, not sure which) on the first appointment. A smart agent like Jim can help you negotiate “extras” such as getting things thrown in and recommend smart options to pick. When Pardee hands you a 40 page list with $300,000 of options to pick from, it’s very helpful to have an expert walk you through smart buys. A smart agent also can recommend when to inspect the home to make sure it is built well, and take steps if it isn’t. People assume brand new homes are problem free, which is not always the case.


  2. Jim is the man but honestly I think most agents are really all that smart.


  3. with new homes isnt the price you see listed kind of a gimmick? Usually the price advertised is for a stripped down model with bare bones. After they get you to pick your options at the design center you are into for at least another 100k.


  4. avgjoe: Yes, avg options I’ve seen is $100k plus flooring ($50k) plus landscaping ($100k-$300k).


  5. avgjoe:

    It all depends. I bought the model for 45K less than list, which was down 70K from original builder pricing.

    It all depends on how the marketing and selling are going, how finished the builder is, and what their motivations are.

    In my case, the builder was essentially done building, had sold a bunch of houses, and wanted to close it out. We get the standard 10 year builder warranty, as well as warranty on all of the appliances offered by the builder (including built-in fridge) It was a smaller in-fill project, so every one is going to be different. There is no perfect formula for getting the best deal, and it’s best to work with a realtor to negotiate, especially a local one who knows what’s going on in the development and area. Ideal is an agent who has already closed other deals representing buyers in the community.




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