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  1. 800K for linoleum floors in the bathrooms, and entrance tile I would deem too cheap looking to put in one of my San Bernardino rentals. Not to mention the stucco canyon effect. What did these sell for new in 2001?

  2. $573,000 in 2001 when new.
    $875,000 in 2004.

  3. The inside is so white it would qualify as an asylum, but that can be fixed. The “stucco canyon” and postage stamp lot cannot. It’s essentially a huge townhome.

  4. I use to live in this area- it is a nice area with access to the preserve/canyon.

    This house is an excellent example of “one notch” above condo living. So give it a 50K premium over condo prices.

  5. Funny that on the opposite side of these power lines, the houses have huge backyards that you wouldn’t want to spend any time in because the power lines are towering over you. But with this house, the power lines are in front, so you might actually want to use the backyard, if it didn’t suck for other reasons. Seems like they could have optimized the lot layout in the neighborhood a little better.

  6. Did someone say bubble number two?!

  7. If you look real close at the 2:15 mark you can see in the distance some sneakers that have been wrapped by shoelace in the power lines.

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