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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Del Mar | 9 comments | Print Print

Del Mar Flower Hill

For those who like to be within walking distance of a Whole Foods, a margarita, or a cup of coffee but don’t want to afford the typical ritzy/expensive Del Mar address, check this out. The big remodel/addition is wrapping up, and there should be some new buzz around the Flower Hill Promenade before long:


  1. Movie theater? They putting one back in?

  2. OK, I looked further and the theaters aren’t coming back.

  3. Pretty good house; great with updating. Road noise still a killer, though.

  4. How do you get people to get their yapping dogs to shut up?

  5. @ 4: carry a cooler of raw steaks to throw over the fence.

  6. $310/month HOA fees are steep.

  7. with rat poison

    WC, you’re not that evil.

  8. That tile looks great!

    Glad I just bought 60s, 80s were ugly.

    For all the traffic in Del Mar, I’m amazed these places can command that price.

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