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  1. Nice looking backsplash, but what happens when you actually use the kitchen, and splash up tomato sauce or cake batter on it? Looks like a pain to clean.

  2. granite and stainless are like a life necessity it s. cal. Is everyone loaded with cash on the coast?

  3. I agree with CM. That backsplash is impractical for anyone who makes anything on that range other than boiling water. Cooking grease will kill that in a year of normal use by a real cook.

    The bathroom? Marble floors and cosmetics/common bathroom items/cleaners = etched. They look good for open house, but I wouldn’t want them. No one bothers to seal it (just like the coveted travertine) so it also will stain, get dirty, and will etch from something as innocent as Windex (ammonia). It’s slippery (the polished) when wet. The sinks are the Nehru jacket of the decade. I particularly love looking at guest bathrooms that have toothpaste remains around the base where it can’t be removed.

    And I’m a guy and that grosses me out.

    There’s a difference between putting “high end” materials in for looks and for use. This one is all for looks…. and about as practical as an electric fork.

  4. looks like that pillowed basketweave backsplash tile was on sale somewhere and the contractor bought them out. To me it looks rather cheap to put it everywhere. I think a little creativity in the use of materials and its’ placement would have served the owners better.

  5. Good morning.

    The backspash and fireplace is made of different material (fireplace looks like trav) and they were probably intended to compliment each other.

    It’s Carmel Valley!

  6. All these naysayers…I think it looks great! Sharp listing Jim!

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