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  1. “a lot of value there.” sure, for the next guy who puts the work into it!

  2. Calling Tom Tarrant!

    With regard to bedroom distribution, I’d stay upstairs with the kids when they are little and then move downstairs when they get bigger. It’s not a big deal to have to pretty up your MBA occasionally for company–it’s not like you’d have company every day. Also, guests can be sent upstairs to the common bath. It would be nice if there were a half bath, but this is not an impossible situation.

    I think I’d keep the dining and living room separate.

  3. Major props to Jim for requesting $650.

  4. Would a good tear down project, if you could get for land value only.

  5. Zillow puts it @ $746,800. Guess the asking price is realistic.

  6. just curious, what would $650k be based on for this property? Are there comparables indicating this would be a fair price for sellers to accept? Are the schools bad? Is it a “bad” neighborhood? Or, is it just one more example of wanna-bee Buyers wanting to pay significantly less than any rational person would expect is reasonable? Are today’s wanna-bee Buyers (at least those with the down payment) better off gambling in the stock market or putting their $$ in the Bank?
    There are many reasons to buy or not to buy, but expecting sellers to accept any offer at this point in the cycle is about the most nonsensical.

  7. That was kewl that the guy allowed you to record the conversation with him. That’s something us buyer/sellers don’t realize Agents do for us.

  8. He simply asked if they would except 650K.. By taking things so personally you are not doing anyone a favor including yourself Doug.

  9. It was a sliver of salesmanship that isn’t obvious to guys like Doug.

    The point of the question is to get the other agent to breach his fiduciary duty and give up how much the seller wants.

  10. Sounds like the seller wants a number with a 7 at the front. The street is too busy with all the apartments. Would be hard to find street parking on that stretch of Nardo.

  11. JTR’s rt., on this I haven’t a clue – nor an interest in guessing if, as madhatter devines, the seller’s low number starts with a 7. I get it that “flippers need to buy below market value – to reduce transaction cost, that makes sense. But, I certainly hope serious long-term Buyers don’t get discouraged in “this game” and walk away instead of presenting offers of obvious value.
    That’s why I ask, because JTR’s is a serious web site. Apart from the horrors of distress sales, r.e. purchases are always about value. With Uncle Sam still handsomely rewarding MoneyCenter Banks for not dumping properties, isn’t the current reality buyers face trying to establish current value?

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