We’re looking forward to the second talk radio event of the year on Monday, January 23rd at 8pm.

Rich Toscano of www.piggington.com will be our guest!

If you have questions or comments for Rich, leave them here in the comment section, and/or tune in on Monday and be a caller during the show.

Click here on Monday to listen to the show, or www.bubbleinfo.com.

Check out Rich’s latest full post here: http://piggington.com/december_2011_resale_data_rodeo

An excerpt from his article showing how inventory dropped off at the end of 2011:

Rich:  This stat above, which is very important because it combines supply and demand into one figure, was substantially lower than a year prior, by 22.2% to be exact.  So we enter 2012 with a fairly different setup, supply and demand wise, (and thus a more positive outlook for prices) than we entered 2011. 

On a gloomier note, that higher demand is taking place in an environment of lifetime-low mortgage rates… if (when, in my opinion) that prop is removed, the housing market will have to fend for itself a bit more.  Of course, that could be a way off.  In the meantime, those waiting for a big price decline are likely to be disappointed.

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