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  1. YouTube says the video was removed by the user. 🙁

  2. Sorry, it is re-uploading now.

    I think I accidently erased it – but I’ll blame Internet Explorer, which we have to use because it’s the only web browser that works the MLS, if you can believe that.

  3. Yes, I can believe that….good luck using the MLS on an iPad…

  4. It’s back.

    Try to find any tablet that runs IE, it’s not easy.

  5. Expect to hear one word a lot in the mayoral campaign: jobs.

    Things are already looking positive — relatively — on that front here. Total San Diego employment grew 2.2 percent year-over-year, the fastest growth since before the recession, says Rich Toscano.

    We’ve now recouped 37 percent of the jobs lost when the bubble burst.

    “That is progress, but this recovery will have to continue for quite some time if we are to return to peak employment,” Toscano writes.

  6. Friends of the orange man

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional investigators said Monday that four House members received VIP discounted loans from the former Countrywide Financial Corp., the lender whose subprime mortgages was largely responsible for the nation’s foreclosure crisis.

    Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, declined to name the four but wrote the House Ethics Committee that it should investigate the lawmakers.

    Issa, in a letter dated Friday and released Monday, said there could be additional lawmakers who received discounted loans.

    The most favored customers of Countrywide were known as “Friends of Angelo,” who were given discounts in a VIP section under control of the company’s CEO Angelo Mozilo. However, Issa said his investigators discovered that other sections of Countrywide also processed VIP loans to public officials and others in position to help the company.

  7. Old news, but more importantly not surprising.

    See for yourselves…

    This is the same bribery framework for politicians what are termed out of office, but then find “employment” as members of a board of directors or consultants that get paid even though they don’t show up for “work”.

  8. Where you see those big sewer caps, expect an easement for the sewer company to drive on the property and clean them out. The last frames with the palm trees was there access I assume.

  9. Yeah, JH: Just what I want – a water district easement with storm drain and sewer right smack-center in my back yard. Gimme a break….

    On top of that, the drain looks like it’s engineered to draw-in water like to overflows at Hoover Dam! Don’t let children or small animals near that thing.

  10. What MLS system are you using in San Diego?

  11. Stop using Internet Explorer…try using Chrome Jim.

  12. Woof! Woof!
    What’s that Lassie!?
    Jimmy has fallen down the sewer hole?!

  13. Thanks, JtR!
    I really was curious about the lower level of that house. Looks like you might get a “lagoon view” off of those cantina doors if the storm drain system ever backs up.

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