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  1. I don’t think people truly appreciate the risk of living below a high traffic road like that. A car plowed through a brick wall and into the yard of my in-law’s house many years ago.

    Those sno-balls had to be years old; they never go stale.

  2. “What is needed for them to get this ($100K more) price?”

    -A miracle

    Relentless traffic noise, exhaust, and a vague sense of peril…all in one dismal floor plan. I hope their price is attractive at least.

    The carne asada burrito, on the other hand, sounds like a great idea.

  3. “I did give him 10 bucks for a snowball; help him out a little.” JtR

    Love your compassion, Jim! And keep the videos coming…

  4. Ugh! The house is right next to a high speed curve! Might as well paint a giant bull’s eye on it!

  5. What builder built these homes? That entertainment center alcove is *completely* useless!

    That other house listed for $699K doesn’t back onto a busy road at all does it? Appraisers will usually knock off 10-15% for being right on a busy road like that, so you might not be too far off at $599K.

    If these sold new in the $700s in ’06 and that one down the street actually sells near its asking price, it looks like CV real estate is still pretty close to peak prices at the bubble.

    Love your brutally honest house tours…you don’t even hold back your own listings! 😀

  6. That $699k one that was on the corner was the former model, if I remember correctly.

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