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  1. It is too fake.
    Jim, your video is a million times better.

  2. Only $12.5M, or ~ $2400/sf. Chump change, right?

    The strand is nice; it would be damn near perfect if they’d only let dogs on the beach! 😉

  3. I don’t think Fred gets home cooked meals or too much time to enjoy the spa bath. I have a feeling, Fred is spending all of his days trying to cover the monthly payments she generates.

  4. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing it’s so tacky and cheesy. I kept waiting for the agent and client to start undressing…Jim, don’t change your style! It’s real!

  5. Was that some kind of porn I just watched?

    Is this guy trying to sell the skank or the house?

  6. That was crazy and unsettling but I liked it. Your move JtR…

  7. By the way, how are new home sales doing? Are people getting tired of picking through the trash for a home yet?

    I also wonder how many new SFR’s are being built compared to the last 10 years and what’s the inventory? Hmmm…any insights JtR?

  8. I think the only type of person that would have that kind of video appeal to them would be nouveau riche d-bags with an inflated sense of self and ego-maniacal tendencies.

    They’d feel right at home in Manhattan beach.


  9. Sounded like her boyfriend already bought the place. I assume from the video that it’s too late for me to make an offer. Too bad as I soooo was going to…

    Fred buddy, if u are going to spend that much cash, it’s time to upgrade to a new Skankfriend… The one in the video is already starting to look a little olde.

  10. I think you should start storyboarding your future videos Jim. 🙂

  11. Wifey wants to know where I was ‘net surfing to find that one…

  12. Mozart,

    Unless your are specifically interested in the Northern SD market, you should be hitting this site for that kind of data. Not much building going on and it will be years before it returns to former levels.

  13. JtR, keepin’ it real: from the showplaces to the bio-discos and everything in between.

    I kinda did want to slap that woman in the video: what a pill.

  14. I’d rather see the Vista Ice Cream trucks any day.

  15. If you wanted to do a satire of this, you would just run it again.

  16. to paraphrase JTR…”Happy ‘lady on the side in Manhattan Beach’, happy life…”

  17. Fred got laid off….it’s on the foreclosure list now.

  18. So Los Angeles!

  19. Bad news girlfriend, Brad is out laying some pipe with a tattooed meth freak, and has canceled your debit card. Time to start dusting off that cosmetologist license!

  20. It’s pretty nice, but I’m looking for something more in the $100-200 million range. If you see anything please let me know.

  21. What a facile bimbo…I’d shoot myself after one day with her. Silly house, also. It dates itself terribly- tomorrow’s disco lair.

  22. Selling the sizzle is a tried and true strategy.

  23. But you have to admit, shilling the skank is kinda new.

  24. I thought I told her not to make any more videos.

  25. I would rather buy 12000 nights in Vegas than that house.

  26. Hang on, is it Fred or Brad? I think we should be told.

  27. I think it’s Fred & Brad… The older beach babe is in the middle.

  28. Couldn’t watch the whole thing. Had to run and grab a barf bag.

  29. Has to be Brad….don’t think she would be with a Fred, do you?

  30. In classic LA style, lots of glitz and glam = Cheesy!

  31. I got my spoof on the storyboard, give me a couple of days and we’ll have the San Diego version….

  32. This 17 year old male wasn’t really paying attention to the house…..she is fine. Did you see those heels? I did! haha

    Is this real? I love when she touches the counter and laughs about what a “romantic” time they’ll house.

    But the house? UGLY. The rooftop pool is cool, but the view from the master isn’t that great: Those damn concrete columns!

    For that money, I’ll be in Beverley Hills/Brentwood/Pacific Palisades or ideally, way up in the hills above Sunset.

  33. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because I was laughing too hard.

    Doesn’t that realtor know that video lasts forever on the internet? When some kid stumbles over your stuff 100 years from now, Jim, he’ll learn something about SD real estate in the early 21st century. When the same kid stumbles on that LA video he’ll know that one particular LA realtor was just a real dork!

  34. Can’t wait to see Jim’s SD version!

  35. For the SAG day rate and a nice dinner, you can have her for a lot less than the house.

  36. It’s Fred AND Brad. She’s obviously a working girl.

  37. This was just another parady of the adbsurdity that is LA. It is drivel created by mental midgets. The whole tone of this ad exhibits such hubris. No wonder most of us simply look away in utter disgust when we drive north into the smogbelt. Jim, keep it real and you will be just fine!

  38. Jim, you need to shave your legs, wear some heels, and dude, your videos will be killer!

  39. Sorry to say everybody but check the number of comments…..Looks like the cheesy realtor got exactly what he wanted.

  40. Nice legs!!!! She shd do the ZZ top video part II

  41. Jim, if you tart yourself up and start saying bollocks like “I just luuuv the master bedroom” you deserve a swift kick in them!!

    Your vid’s Jim knock the socks off this tripe. The thing your videos have and always have had, is approachability. All the editing in the world just will not get you that skill!

    Although I agree ….great legs.

  42. LOL, what a thumbnail he chose for the frozen video.

    I agree with Chuck @ comment #8. That same type of guy is also trying to clean up his keyboard right now.

  43. Oh for crying out loud…

    If this were Soylent Green, she’d be the furniture!

  44. I think I’m in love. Don’t care much for the house though.

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