In this new listing, Berkshire Hathaway agents are boldly offering no commission at all to the buyer-agents, and instead suggest that we take it up later – which leaves the amount uncertain, at least for now.

It has the potential to be anything from 3% to zero. Will it be a moving target?

I think there will be different trends for different areas, and the outcome will depend on how bold and brash each individual brokerage wants to conducts itself. The $10,000-commission brokerage in Silicon Valley is offering a downright insulting fee for high-end neighborhoods ($4 million and up), and I wish they would just do zero/negotiable. But they have enough market share that they will get away with it.

If this is company-wide among Berkshire Hathaway agents, it will hurry up the overall transition, that’s for sure. Every buyer-agent will need a written employment contract with their buyers immediately.

Weren’t we going to work this out slowly over the next few months? Guess not! 😆

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