Here’s how our new listing stacks up.

Nine of the 22 homes for sale in the 92011 are mobile homes, and two are attached homes.

This zip code has a population of ~25,000, but there are only NINE houses for sale, ranging from $1,995,290 to $3,779,000…..and now two are for sale on the same street! We expected that the one down the hill at 7210 Aviara Drive would re-enter the market, because it had been for sale for months at the end of last year and cancelled for the holidays.

I didn’t advertise on Zillow that we are doing the broker preview today because the HOA is tough and I don’t want to stir it up. But the competition went ahead with publicizing their open house today so both of us should benefit.  If you’re interested, come on by – we’re having breakfast burritos!

The specialized Zillow listing kit that they started selling this year for $529 includes prominent placement of the listing for the first seven days, but when there are only 22 for sale, it means that everyone is up front. But I don’t mind the #1 spot – here’s how our listing has scored so far:

The saves-divided-by-views = 8%, which is better than my rule-of-thumb of at least 5% for hot listings, and then Zillow adjusting their zestimate to within 0.4% of my list price doesn’t hurt either. It was just slightly different last week:

The Zillow listing kit includes photos, 30-second video (too short for big homes), drone shots, 3D tour, and floor plan. They require that agents use their 3D tour and floor plans in the MLS to receive the 7-day prominent placement, and it makes you wonder what else they will require once they gain more traction.

Here is the pro video we did with our usual guy (not Zillow). It’s the best one yet:

Come by 10:30am-1pm today, or on Saturday, 12-3pm!

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