Over the coming weeks, we should see the lowest mortgage rates in our lifetime – every house for sale should be selling!

Everybody is smarter about price accuracy after the first couple of weeks of a house being on the market, just based on how many offers have been received.  Once a home hits the open market, they will fall into one of three categories:

Everybody Wants To Buy Your House – This is called a market sale.  A house in fairly good shape listed with a reasonably attractive price will appeal to many buyers.  In fact, every buyer in that price range will probably see the house online within the first 48 hours, and in person by Day Four.  Be ready to sell.

Somebody (Special) Wants To Buy Your House – A smaller group will pay a premium if the unique features of the house fit with their specific needs.  Expect an occasional offer.

Nobody Wants to Buy Your House – No offers? You have a great house – no one appreciates it like you do!  Lower the price until you get offers.

Time is flying by.  There are 2-3 weeks left for buyers to find a house and close escrow before school starts!

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