The new houses in Leucadia had their grand opening on Saturday, and they look good.  In fact, they look very similar to Davidson’s Arterro homes, and not just because they had Bill’s wife do the interior design – the Plan 3 layout itself is similar to Arterro’s Plan 2.

But the Shea homes west of I-5 are at least 1,000 sf smaller, have two-car garages, and tiny lots – but all are in the same price range ($1.0 to $1.2M).  Here is a tour of both (YouTube muted out my first try, so some of the blaring house music was turned to zero volume):


Arterro Plan Two Model:

Take a realtor with you on your first visit, and be represented. Builders pay the agent – somewhat reluctantly – and won’t give a credit to you otherwise, so you might as well be represented. The sales people only represent the builder, and they have a knack for making every upgrade sound enticing.  Your agent can help you make smart choices.

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