The real estate space is crowded with advertisers hoping to hook potential buyers and sellers with the latest gimmick.

Because people don’t move much, they are inexperienced about selecting the best realtor.  Especially those who shop for an agent based on commission rate.

I Pay One is back in business, though it is a different crew this time.  The last time around, they had their own staff processing the sales – this time they are merely farming out the leads to realtors who pay a large initiation fee, plus monthly dues.

Realtors who join are told that they must present a 1% listing option, but it is permissible to upsell more expensive options too.  You can imagine how that meeting will sound, but you won’t get full service for the 1%.

Most realtors offer all options.

The 1% option is for the seller to find their own buyer, and the agent processes the paperwork – and most agents will do that for 1%.

If you want the agent to do more than process the paperwork, you have to investigate thoroughly.  A recent study showed that 66% of sellers hired the first realtor interviewed, so do your work in advance!

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