Seven years of bubbleinfo are complete – today is the start of Year 8!

Have you checked out the bubbleinfo.com twitter account?

Twitter offers a better format for the readers – it gives a simple one-sentence description before linking to the post, making it easier for you to decide if it is worth your time.  It complies with copyright law too.


You DON’T need a twitter account – click it and see!

For those who want to gain more insight on the general real estate market conditions, the twitter account will give you more articles, data, and reports than you have been getting here.

If you’re not a twitter person, stay right here and know that the bubbleinfo.com format will focus solely on the local market.  It will include the videos, tips, and JtR insight as usual.  The posts entered here will auto-feed, so twitter readers won’t have to go back and forth – you’ll see bubbleinfo posts on the twitter account.

As this anniversary approached, I went back to the beginning.  It reminded me of what the original intent was, and always has been – to provide a resource where readers can learn about the real estate market, and demonstrate why Jim the Realtor is a good choice to be your agent. I think the twitter account will allow me to reach more people with better overall content, and keep the focus here strictly on NSDCC sales.

Hopefully there will come a day when this enterprise gets passed to the next generation, and it has been made clear by them to me – social media is the future.  Let’s include it now!

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