Our blog-friend Tom Tarrant is wrapping up his last flip in San Antonio, and bringing his talents back to San Diego.    Hopefully once Tom and family are back in town we can experience some of his fine work in person.  Here is the youtube of the latest project (love the Chevy truck in the garage!)  from his blog, tomtarrant.com:

We had tons of fun this year sharing our adventures on the blog and attracted alot of attention doing it. This Spring my blog was voted Top 10 Real Estate Investing Blogs by Biggerpockets.com. This summer I was approached by 2 different production companies to do Real Estate Reality Shows and we completed and sold 2 big rehab high-end projects;  The Neighbors House and The Target House.  My killer rehab called The Hat Trick House was also featured on the front page of the local newspaper this summer which drew the attention of a local City Councilwoman who called us in to consult on urban redevelopment for the City. Our blog traffic doubled from last years numbers to over 80,000 visitors and my YouTube channel is blowing up. Happy New Year to everyone who’s followed along with us, thanks for all your comments and in less than 4 short weeks you’ll get to see a Great change of House Flipping Scenery from us, San Diego here we come!

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