More evidence that corporate America is now all about making deals – from Housing Wire:

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller told more than 200 homeowners and consumer advocates in a meeting Tuesday that the investigation into foreclosure practices at major lenders is drawing to a close, and that negotiations will begin soon.

Major lenders froze foreclosures in October when employees were found to be signing affidavits en masse and without a proper review of the files as required by law in some sates. Miller and the other 50 state AGs along with seven federal regulators launched an investigation into what is now known as the robo-signing scandal.

In December, Miller met with homeowners for the first time, revealing that a possible settlement with the banks could result in payouts to victims, requirements to write down the principal of the loan and even criminal charges for executives.

But in the January meeting, Miller avoided revealing any details of what the settlement could possibly hold, according to a transcript of the meeting Miller’s office released to HousingWire.

“Since we’re really getting close to negotiations, I’m not going to talk about, I don’t feel I should talk about, what’s going to be in the agreement, what isn’t going to be in the agreement,” Miller told homeowners. “That’s something that we have to hammer out with the Justice Department and the federal people, and with the banks in a negotiating session.”

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