The new Zillow advertising program is out, here’s the description sent by email:

The Zillow Premier Agent program is a powerful set of new features that connect Zillow’s home buyers and sellers to an elite group of agents. You can dominate your ZIP code, get more listings, and sell more homes through Zillow’s Premier Agent program.

They called last week to pitch it, and it sounded more heavy-handed over the phone.

The rep said that they will be featuring the listing agents in bigger photos and descriptions beside their homes for sale, and be directing all inquiries to that agent.

If the listing agent doesn’t pay up, they will sellĀ his spot to another agent.

The listings are owned by the broker – for Zillow to assume ownership and then sell them out to the highest bidder is wrong. But maybe it will be the beginning of the final unraveling of the MLS?

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