I am eagerly anticipating the new year because of the challenge of trying to beat 2009, the greatest year a guy could have!

On February 25, 2009, I spent the afternoon with Peter Y. Hong from the L.A. Times – it would be a day that changed my life forever.  Here’s how it started:


Peter somehow crafted our conversation into a story that was published April 2nd on the front page of the newspaper, right under the photo of the Obamas meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time. 

By 7 am my phone was ringing off the hook, and for months I received well-wishes from people all around the world, from Japan to England.

One of the first callers was Matt Stuart, from ABC News Nightline, which catalputed my 15 minutes of fame into warp speed.  I spent a day and a half with him and Vicki Mabrey, and on April 16th, this aired on national television:


Thank you Peter, Matt, and Vicki!!

With the generous support of blog readers here, I was determined to stay in the game, and be true to what got me here – bringing transparency to the pertinent facts about our local real estate market.  Today, I am fulfilled that together we have done just that!

I am eternally grateful for the support from:

The folks who have become clients as a result of what they have seen here!

The well-wishers!

Readers who comment – thank you for adding depth and breadth to the experience.

Readers who don’t comment – I know you are there, thanks for being here!

The 14 people of Klinge Realty.

My family and friends.

Donna, my dearly-beloved wife, and our two kids – I love my life!

I didn’t run these numbers until this morning, and had to rub my eyes for a minute in disbelief – I am humbled to report:

2009 statistics:

Bubbleinfo posts: 671 

Unique visitors:  167,906

Visits:  738,965

Pageviews:  1,376,283

Avg. time on site:  3:02

Youtube videos:  252

Youtube channel views:  818,678

The numbers are mind-boggling – thank you everyone for your participation!

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