Beer Drinkers

It’s probably obvious that the practice is undergoing changes, and Donna is participating more with the sales team. She thinks the Wednesday Rock Blogging should catch up with the times, to which I said, “Sure, I’m hip – what do you want to hear?”

She said, “Post Malone and J Cole”.

Yeah….no. Can we warm up to that honey? A very special ZZ moment:

Year-End Wednesday Rock Blogging

I need to do a two-some tonight.

His family announced that Jerry Riopelle died in his sleep on Monday.  Anyone who spent some time in Arizona knew Jerry to be a local legend whose live shows were epic.  I couldn’t find a decent video a couple of weeks ago, but this one will represent:

Because they are closing out the year at the Observatory, let’s also feature my other favorite band – both played at CSUF when I was the producer there. They will likely close their show with this tune, though probably without Eddie:

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