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  1. Have you ever heard of anyone using something like Thompson’s Water Seal on exterior walls to protect against sprinklers, etc.?

  2. According to my neighbor, it only worked for about 6 months. After that it was back to square one. Admittedly that’s a limited data set.

  3. Sprinklers are spraying on about half the houses we see. Homeowners are ignorant to the damage done, until it comes time to sell and then the severity has to be dealt with.

    There is a great answer though.

    Cap off all sprinklers near the house, and plant succulents in ground or in pots. Boom, no sprinklers needed.

  4. I’m a fan of drip systems. When you have spray nozzles a good amount of it gets air rated and doesn’t hit the ground.

  5. I rented a house that had a water-under-hardwood floor issue. There, it was shower water coming through the tiles of the shower and then leaking across the slab and under the hardwood floor in the living room, showing up as dark stains near the ends and edges of boards on much of the floor. Nasty.

    Imagine if the house had sold before the rains, there would be one unhappy buyer.

  6. Discoloration!

    I’ve heard that word before. Somewhere.

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