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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Interesting Houses | 5 comments | Print Print

Big Sur

In order to conceal this home from its uphill neighbors a shelf was cut into the narrow slice of grassland located between an access road on one side and the steep slopes of the West Coast on the other. The uphill land extends as a green roof over the underground portions of the home-terminating on the gently curved roof of the living room.

All utilities, including the 5000 gallon water storage tank, were placed underground in order to preserve the surrounding landscape.

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  1. perfectly situated to fight off the zombie horde.

  2. A million dollar hobbit hole.

    Looks great. Those views.

  3. Jim, thanks for this! I *like* Big Sur.

  4. Ah, home sweet home (I wish!)

  5. This is an awesome home!

    I love the decoration and the layout. If I had to describe this home in one word it would be, “Peaceful.” That’s the first thing that comes to mind when your home is on the side of mountain and no one is around and you’re able to overlook miles and miles away across the ocean.

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