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  1. You shattered the record! Gotta work on the dismount though 🙂

  2. I recommend carrying around an electric chainsaw to cut stuff like that down to size.

    Or maybe a gas chain saw if you want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse too.

  3. Full service indeed!

    Have to say, though… damned nit picky buyer.

    p.s.: Where did you take that stuff?

  4. Impressive! That was a nice looking sandbox. Does the build quality of the sandbox match the build quality of the house? Did it help the sale?

    I have a nice play house structure on my back patio which came with the house. I am not sure what to do with it. Freecycle, perhaps. It is very cute…in someone else’s back yard.

  5. Nothing wrong with some manual labor once in awhile.

    Do people give you dirty looks when you cruise the chevy through their nice neighborhoods?

    Did you make more than minimum wage on the job after dumping fees?

  6. You are a champion Jim.

    Hope your back is feeling okay.

  7. Jim, gotta admit that while I felt badly for you working in that heat I let out a belly laugh when the dang platform fell off the truck. That’s the way most of my projects go too.

    I’m not really sure how the buyer could stand to sit inside in the a/c while you were out there taking care of his request alone in the heat.

  8. Was the buyer requesting credit for sandbox removal or was the sandbox a deal breaker?

    What kind of a sissy was the buyer that he couldn’t remove the sandbox himself?

    Just saying…

  9. Jeez – the buyer couldn’t help? Was he or she informed? Seems rude. You’re awesome!

  10. Uh, that should be INFIRMED above.

  11. Was the buyer requesting credit for sandbox removal or was the sandbox a deal breaker?

    The buyer had requested removal in the repair-requests, and the seller removed the big playhouse that was on the platform.

    When the buyers did their final walk-through, they asked that the entire package be removed, and because I hadn’t been over there in a couple of weeks to see it and I thought the seller had removed the bulk of it, I thought what the heck, how much trouble could it be to take out the measly sandbox?

    I’m not done yet either, I’ll be going back for the gravel.

  12. Now that is full service! It is why you will always be a success in life.

    Thanks for never taking yourself to seriously and for all you give to this blog.

    It was a great post.

  13. Haha “no blood yet”! Buyer should be ashamed unless he is crippled. You ARE the man!

  14. Love the patina on the sitty six and not having to keep it idling or pointed downhill just in case.

  15. I cringed when you swung that pickaxe…

  16. @jim, ok, a little better given additional details. Still, the buyer should have been out there helping you out.

  17. Couldn’t you have HIRED someone to do it and maybe made more £££ selling another house?;D

  18. Jim, that was great video!

    Thanks for brightening my day.

  19. Nice, that was awesome. Picked the hottest weekend I can remember to get your hands dirty!

    Jenn offered beer + dinner if you’d like to help me chainsaw down the upper half of my yard. I still owe you a beer for all the help closing on this place. Thanks again!

  20. Jim,

    3.0 level of difficulty. 9.0 score. You nailed it! Lol.

    I hope the buyers give you some great referrals.

  21. Bravo, JtR! (sound of golf clap)

    That kind of customer service cannot be taught; it has to be part of your DNA. I know good service when I see it because I spent years working in restaurants and hotels to put myself through college. This just proves to me that you are cut above the majority of agents in this town.

  22. It’s a good thing you went to San Elijo in the ’66 because I don’t know if security would have let you past the gates if you tried to roll that bad boy into Rancho Santa Fe!

  23. If you get the sandbox installion perfected, you could change your name to Klinge Realty and Sandbox Installation and Removal; however, I’m uncertain of its legality.

  24. Late to the party, Jim, but the gold medal for “Best Performance by a Realtor in the Sandbox Division” goes to… JtR!

    I respect your work ethic. You should show this to all your soon-to-be clients, Jim, to easily prove that you do, indeed, go the extra mile and are willing to get down and dirty…

  25. Would you be willing to fill in a pool, or remove one of those portable spas? That would be quite handy. 🙂 kidding…..

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