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  1. Beautiful house and location.

    On an opposite note, the house on Briarlake in CV that smelled like a petting zoo just closed at $781k. Here the video that you did of it. What do you think of the sell price? I was surprised it sold that high, considering a finished one with a pool sold last October for $896k and this house needs environmental remediation, all new kitchen and flooring, and the yards completely landscaped.

  2. Nice job by the flipper, that house was a kind of a mess when we looked at it last fall. That stair case is still a little steep for my liking, but otherwise looks good. So what’s your ballpark estimate of what the flipper spent on remodeling? 150k ish? I think I need to get his contractor’s number for my bathroom.

  3. “Tennessee Waltz” – one of the great all time female vocal tracks.

  4. Wow 4500 sq ft. in ’79, a big bomber built before big bombers became the rage.

    I like most of those neighborhoods north of Lomas/east of 5. Close to the beach and shopping, good schools, and kind of a rancho California tract feel, the gateway to RSF. Can’t be afraid of a little remodeling if you buy in there, though.

  5. just sayin…you can do a LOT with a $115k remodel (look at Tom Tarrant’s blog), and the advantage in doing it yourself is that it is done *exactly* the way you want it with no shortcuts.

    Where is the original video for this Lomas Golf house? I want to see the “before”. Sure turned out nice…there’s a flipper that’s not afraid to put a lot of quality upgrades in a flip!

  6. Just spent some time researching Patti Page and listening to her music on youtube. I had thought all those songs were done in the 40s and had no idea “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” was a #1 hit – I thought it was a kid’s novelty song!

    Thanks for sharing this home with us – she sounds like a fabulous lady. Hope she’s still doing okay out there…

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