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  1. What’s your famous saying? “Price will fix anything.”

  2. “This video has been removed by the user”? hmmm

  3. I will not buy a house with road noise. It will make your life misreable.

  4. How much of a discount is typically seen for river view houses? 10%? Which is worse, river view or neighbor view?

  5. Hard to believe this place sold for almost $1M in 2005.

  6. This was a 10% discount from the new homes who had less noise (not none).

    The houses on Briarcrest are right on the freeway, and have slipped into the low $700,000s which is at least a 10% discount, and probably closer to 20%.

    But they have other problems too (no yards and are all short sales now) so there are additional contributing factors.

  7. I don’t know…

    standing there in the backyard at the putting green, with the marine layer above and the sounds of the crashing waves below, I find myself magically transported to the 18th hole on pebble beach.

    don’t you??? 😉

  8. Great place for car spottting.

    Punchbuggy blue!

  9. ocrenter – What are you smoking? Not even close! Get me a magic carpet:)

  10. Some recent studies looking at the impact of freeway particle pollution suggest that freeway pollution was found to be particularly dangerous within about 600 feet of the freeway.

    This particular study gets quoted a lot since it looked at the impact on children:

    And this study looked at how living less than 400 feet from a freeway is very bad for your heart:

    That study also got a lot of press, e.g.:

    People may worry more about the noise, but it’s the particulate pollution that is the real concern.

  11. Since I had read those studies, and more, when we were looking for our NCC house, we measured the distance from the house to the freeway and also looked at the prevailing winds.

    Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are a real concern. Who wants to live by the beach but then have the freeways pollute the experience?

  12. I was smoking some of the left over hempcrete from a recent construction project at home.

    it does alter things to a point where smog just feels like morning mist.

  13. East of a highway the dust could pose a bigger problem than on the west side of a highway due to the prevailing west wind.

    After 6 month living that close to a highway you probably wouldn’t hear it anymore, except it has permanently embedded into the audio part of the brain and it’s like the ringing sound someone people experience around the clock. The house has to be really a cheapo before I would consider it.

  14. We lived in a condo fronting a busy boulevard. Couldn’t use the deck for the noise, and just leaving the bedroom window open at night bought us both a trip to the doctor. Nice house, but it fails on “location, location, location”.

  15. In 2003, I put a deposit check on the house right next to it. Back then, there was no 56. After doing more research on “what that flat strip of dirt down the hill was”, I bailed. The answer of “oh, just a little freeway called 56. It won’t have too many people on it.”

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