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  1. Assuming Breitenback got 6% in sales commission, she made $15.42 million in 2011. Must be nice to be with the “in crowd”. Jim, what would it take for you to move to Beverly Hills and make this kind of money/commission? Is there a special elite group of realtors you need to belong to to make the big money?

    Just look how happy that guys wife is. Sperm donation completed and the bun is in the oven. She’s set for life now.


  2. Breitenback does not get 6% of the total sales. NO WAY. She probably receives around 1.8% (60% of 3%) slinging cribs in the Hampsteins. After taxes, she is probably pulling in a little more than a 100k a month. This does not go too far when you are trying to keep up with the Jonas’s. It is not bad for slinging real estate but it is mere chump change for most of the folks that she is working for. “They” definitely do not consider her part of their club. To quote Kurtz, she is just “an errand girl, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.”



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