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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Carmel Valley | 9 comments | Print Print

CV Flatline Pricing?

Corporate relocation companies are faced with the same trouble as REO clerks – trying to accurately price a home from hundreds of miles away. In this case, they just happened to pick about the same price as paid in July, 2009:


  1. JtR,

    Is the new camera a D-SLR or one of those every day run of the mill compact cameras (i.e. Canon Elph)?

    The zoom shouldn’t be so slow. Maybe there is a setting buried somewhere deep in the menu options?

  2. 1st floor glue down hardwood “cupped” from using wrong type (water based acrylic) adhesive. Crazy price for that location.

  3. I really don’t understand people sometimes.

    This is Carmel Valley! Where we are already in mid May and there has not been a day past the 70 degree mark. Along with a postal stamp sized lot with very limited area to work with.

    Why in the world would you want to put in a $60k pool so your yard looks even smaller than it already is? When most likely these guys probably spent $100 per month for a pool guy and god knows how much on the water evaporation just to have 2 month of swimming time every year.

    Should have simply spent the $60k in getting rid of original tile counter-tops in the bathrooms and do a better job with the flooring. At the very least spend a couple of hundred on a built in microwave at the very least…

  4. Jim,

    Aside from the entertainment value, it’s you pointing out things like the flooring/floorboard gaps that really make your videos incredibly informative. Keep up the great work!

  5. The cupping can be from a variety of things. One being an ineffective/lack of a vapor barrier glue. Another not allowing the wood to acclimate to the house before it was put down.

    Most slab floors are not smooth so a glue down often shows such gaps as does a “real” hardwood floor. If you think back, most floors had a base shoe that disguises that irregularity. Now people attempt to cut corners be eliminating $100 worth of molding… and that’s the look you get.

  6. el katz is right. very little in shoe moulding gets rid of that. Most people do it because concrete floors are never smooth, and definitely nothing built 2003-2007… they were pouring foundations with labor 2 days on the job. There weren’t enough construction guys with experience to go around, not for less than $30/hr. Homebuilders needed to make ’em cheap and stack ’em deep.



    Ha ha that phallic thing has no ball or one ball at the wrong place.

  8. Soccer Mom’s with large SUV’s are all in love with CV.

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