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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Builders, Thinking of Building? | 10 comments | Print Print

Bill Davidson

It was a pleasure today to meet Bill Davidson, legendary builder of Davidson Communities.

Davidson Communites has won the local Grand Award for Community of the Year 14 times, the local Home of the Year award 11 times, the Pacific Coast Builders Home of the Year 11 times, and the National Association of Builders Project of the Year 5 times (among others!).  Bill is also in the local, state, and national Builder’s Hall of Fame!

Bill was gracious enough to spend 90 minutes talking about homebuilding, and the future of real estate.  For those of you who are considering a custom-built home, Davidson Communities can help you!  Contact Keith at the office.

This video is the last portion of our talk, but it summarized the topics nicely so let’s use this as our introduction, and follow up with more specifics later:


  1. To quote the famous Charlie Brown:


    You used the old camera, JtR!! I could barely hear you guys talk.

    Looking forward to the full version.

  2. Wow, 90 minutes, please do share!

    The map was quite instructive. Looks like we are essentially “running out of land.” and if someone like Davidson is moving into the custom home area, what happens to the smll time custom builders? They become contractors?

    Doesn’t seem he was too interested about moving into Temecula and beyond…

  3. Wow, seeing him point at the map and say essentially that everything is built out was telling.

  4. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest. The map was really cool.

    8-year timeline on the infill mixed use stuff. Crazy, but not surprising these days. Who the heIl would want to deal with all of that.

  5. I wonder what impact regulation is having on his business?

  6. Really great video JtR. Mr Davidson seems like a pretty cool guy….with a lot on his plate.

  7. Thanks Jim for the interview. We had contemplated settling in the San Francisco previously or Los Angeles in the past and we noticed that there is a lot less new housing stock in close-in suburbs than in San Diego. It seems that San Diego is going that direction.

  8. What they should be doing in buying up all the land in leucadia type places and building condos. Government is trying to double the zoning in the area around the transit corridor. I think this will happen and I think another train stop is going to happen leucadia. Perfect opportunity to tear down greenhouses in old junkers and bill condos

  9. Regulation is stiffing business… When was the last time you heard of a regulation that actually made a builder money?

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