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  1. austin powers would like that house.

  2. Don’t give people too many ideas, Jim, a certain stone loving friend may decide to add granite to the ceiling of their lovely cardiff condo. 🙂

    This one is very doable at low 500k. Add a couple hundred thousand to this thing and it’ll have a million dollar look.

  3. Tom T. needs to get that one, he would dial it in for sure

  4. And an avocado green dishwasher to boot! Can’t get more authentic than that.

  5. This house would be perfect for the hipsters; they wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. Props to the late 60’s paper hanger. None of the ceiling paper is coming down. No seems showing either. They used real glue back in those days.

  7. Its certainly got a floury kitchen!

  8. Ceilingpaper… Groovy!

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