Hat tip to Pigpen sent along this clip from abcnews, via zerohedge; go to -9:50 mark where the senators are discussing the housing tax credit.  If this is any indication, it’s looks like an extension of the credit is going to happen:


An excerpt from zerohedge:

There was a love fest on ABC’s This Week. The odd couple was Senators Schumer (D.NY) and Cornyn (R.TX).

When Schumer says, ”We have to extend the housing tax credit” Cornyn says, “Chuck and I agree”.

Cornyn went on to make a plug for Senator Isakson’s (R.GA.) bill. This would expand the $8,000 tax credit to $15,000. It would also make it available to all comers. The existing bill is only for first time buyers.

While Cornyn is talking, Chuck is shaking his head, Yes, yes, yes.

Read the comments at zerohedge:


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