These are getting into the lazy zone now because predicting 2% to 4% increases over the next 12 months doesn’t take any real forecasting – they are just safe guesses based on historical norms which flew out the window with rising rates about 18 months ago.

They might end of being right, but at what cost? Plunging sales. To conduct real price discovery we would need a surge of new listings to test the demand, if any. Having 100 or so sales every month in an area of 300,000 people will keep prices elevated because that’s not much of a test – the market is just barely alive.

NW Carlsbad – 92008

SE Carlsbad – 92009

NE Carlsbad – 92010

Del Mar – 92014

Encinitas – 92024

La Jolla – 92037

Rancho Santa Fe – 92067

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