Another disrupter is looking to cut realtors out of the deal, which is fine.

This is similar to Zillow’s Make Me Move, which didn’t go too far. It’s a novelty to publicize a crazy price for your home, but if somebody wanted to take you up on it, would you sell your home to them?

Or would you be more curious about what the open market would bring?

Compass has Private Exclusives, but it is rare that any sales come from it because the sellers want to go on the open market. They have heard the stories about bidding wars and homes selling for over the list price, and they want to see if it will happen to them. It’s as close as you get to winning the lottery!

Nobody needs an agent to sell their house. But virtually all homeowners want to sell for max money, and that’s why agents have a job.

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Jim the Realtor
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