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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Bubbleinfo TV, Rancho Santa Fe | 3 comments | Print Print

RSF Village REO

This is a sleeper.  It’s low maintenance for a Covenant property, it is right in the village, and it doesn’t need anything but a dishwasher and BBQ.  The street name scares people off, but the noise level is less than expected:


  1. Perfect retirement home if you can pay cash and hang in the covenant!

  2. gorgeous house, agree, quite odd to not have a spa. that first bathroom with the wall to wall and floor to ceiling dark granite was a bit much. despite all that this is a gem and will go quickly.

    the mural was quite nice. maybe I’ll be inspired to hire a artist to start painting my walls. ha ha!

  3. Why do I feel after the first moderate earthquake that house would have $100,000 damage from cracked tiles?

    Anyhow, love the “view” from the pool.

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