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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Bubbleinfo TV, Rancho Santa Fe | 6 comments | Print Print


First the MLS remarks said this was a Covenant property, then she changed it to “non-Covenant”.

It is within the Covenant boundaries but not annexed into the HOA – about $8,700 will fix that, but do you want to be subject to the Art Jury?  Might be better to wait until your new house is done!


  1. Hi Jim,

    At first glance (I’m no expert), but that’s not likely taken up much by the leach field. In a 1600 sq ft house, it’s probably very little of that area, if at all (it seems too far away from the main house to be a leach field, but an engineer could tell you exactly how far it is, what it’s condition is, and even issue a certificate.

    I was surprised when I sold my house last year Orange County at how inexpensive it was to get a 1 year cert on the septic system. They even inspected the leach field and let me know it probably had another 20 years on it. Useful information if you’re buying a house.



  2. You dont need to be an engineer :the grass is ALWAYS greener over the septic tank ;D


  3. Love the asphalt shingles over the cedar shakes! Ever seen that before? They really didn’t want to pay an extra $200 to have some laborers remove the shakes?

    That realtor acted like she had never heard of a leach field before.


  4. One other giveaway… often leach fields are put near the front of the house (as far as I have ever seen). This has 2 benefits. First, you don’t normally put a pool in your front yard, so you don’t have to worry about that. Second, if the sewer ever comes local, you can more easily connect in the street.

    Sorry, that was probably more than $.02.


  5. Hey Chuck, how much did you pay for the 1 year cert? I’m selling a flip house right now in rural San Bernardino county and the buyers want a septic cert. Best price I can find is $575.



  6. Jay,

    Yeah, that’s pretty good, and I think that’s about what I paid. To me, that’s cheap insurance. There aren’t that many people who will give one.



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