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More Point Loma

If you like having a bay and city view, you will love La Playa.  You are out of the Lindbergh flight path, and have great-looking mansions dating back to the 1920s.


  1. That’s an outrageous view. Wow, simply Wow.

  2. IMHO, that is as good as it gets in urban SD. Very nice video Jim!

  3. I like the “Wooded Area” best.

  4. I never thought, before this video, about living near “Downtown” San Diego. What a great place, what you could do to this home…

  5. There are some breath taking panoramic views from some of the homes on Bangor Street that look over the bay and north island.

    Several years ago I got lucky and was able to go inside that white historical mansion on Silvergate Ave. (Rosecroft Estate, Italian Renaissance style house built in 1912) when it was on the market for sale.

    At that time it had an orange colored 70’s kitchen and needed a top to bottom interior renovation. It also had stamped metal ceiling tiles that were used by the nicer homes in the 19th century. The exterior grounds were wonderful….

    I am sure whoever bought it fixed the interior up. They are always having big parties and fundraisers there now……I think that is a way of paying for its upkeep / and / or taxes.

  6. After I hit the lottery, I’ll be a “playa” when I buy a home in Point Loma La Playa! :o)

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