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  1. What I see is that the houses that are LESS than $500,000 are so poor in quality that they need “gutting” and a total top to bottom makeover with more square footage added. Etc. The description of “cracker-box” comes to mind…..

    Above $500,000 – low $600,000’s almost non-existent “rare” houses can be found sporadically that are decent but require alot of gymnastics to buy, since everyone is looking for that same house.

  2. Don’t you just love real estate……..the penultimate capitalism “whatever the market will bear”, the price that is paid is ALWAYS the fair market price with willing buyer willing seller, anything else is Zimbabwe.

  3. Livable for low maintanence kinda guy like myself. Couple miles from the beach. Big yard. No mello roos or HOA… gotta love that. Some termite remediation and you’re good to go.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, JtR.

  5. This “Plasticy” house is still a diamond compared to houses in that price range closer-in. The neighborhood too!

  6. Isnt that house in the area where all those kids got Lymphoma? Did they ever find out what caused so many to get cancer?

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