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  1. What kind of comp would you say if you saw a pool like this?

  2. I saw a video from the same company a few days ago but it didn’t have (or I didn’t pay attention) to the various depths you could stop it at. It seems like the best kind of pool to have where you can get rid of it when it’s not in use although doing laps would be pretty worthless.

    I wonder what they cost to install and maintain…

  3. Ah, a little googling of “hidden water pools” turned up a few news videos that stated the upfront build cost is about 30% higher but the maintenence for water, chemicals, and heat is much lower. So…pricey. But very cool, I saw that they build oblongs as well as rounds on their website.

  4. Absolutely Bond, James. I’m surprised this hasn’t taken hold here in SD. Great find.

  5. Correction: I was on their website and they are headquartered in Poway, so they probably are doing just fine in this area. Hmm…I guess I’m not going to the right parties….

  6. Set everything up for a fancy dress dinner party, then just before dessert, “accidentally” press the DOWN button! 🙂

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